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Welcome to our web site!
We are located in Bristol, Indiana.
If you are considering becoming a Dane owner, we invite you to come and meet our dogs and see our "Puppy Room" where all of our puppies are born and cared for. We also ask that you please do your research, Danes are amazing intelligent giant dogs with giant hearts but they are also a giant responsibility!!!
Here at Hoosier Danes our Danes are our passion! I grew up with Danes from the time I was 8 years old, since then I have come to love and admire these amazing "Gentle Giants."

Because we are very passionate about our Danes there is 1 thing I would like to bring to your attention, PLEASE for your sake and the sake of the puppy you are goin to purchase DO NOT BUY A PUPPY FROM ANY BREEDER THAT DOES NOT AT LEAST OFA HIP CERTIFY BOTH PARENTS OF THE LITTER!! All reputable and responsible breeders will do this, if you are considering a puppy from a breeder that does not hip certify IT IS NOT SAFE for you to purchase a puppy from them and they are not who you think they are!!! this must be done to know that both parents have good hips, they can appear to be healthy but still have hip dysplasia and this IS a hereditary disease!!! this is VERY VERY important for the life span and well being of your puppy!!!
Your puppy is going to be a member of your family, you should take it's health very seriously, if you don't know for sure the parents are healthy how are you suppose to know your puppy will be??? Avoid the heart ache of hip dysplasia, Please remember...OFA Hip Certification is a MUST ... NO EXCUSES AND NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

We only breed AKC registered and OFA health tested Harlequin, Black and Mantle Great Danes, blending American and European top quality champion bloodlines for health, temperament, longevity, conformation and life long companions that are true to the breed standard!

We continually strive to improve the quality of our Danes by strictly adhering to the color code and ethical breeding practices and guidelines set forth by The American Kennel Club and The Great Dane Club of America, by doing so we maintain a strong healthy breed of Great Danes that we take great pride in!
ALL of our breedings are planned and approved color paired breedings!

scroll to the bottom of this page to see the breeding color code endorsed by The Great Dane Club of America, you can also go to their website and type color code in the search bar. gdca.org

Our goal is to breed for the "total package," Danes that are beautiful on the outside and on the inside.
We believe that healthy happy dogs produce healthy happy puppies!

Because we do OFA health testing on our dogs prior to breeding we confidently stand behind all of our puppies with a guarantee against illness, birth defects and genetic defects.
We provide healthy, well socialized puppies to approved permanent pet and show homes, they begin socialization right from the start, they are exposed to our other Danes, our cat, our children and grandchildren in a safe